03/29/2014 11:23 am ET Updated Mar 29, 2014

Right Before Going To Vegas, Chris Christie Says He Wants To 'Spend A Lot More Time At Home'

Two days before making a big trip to Las Vegas to likely schmooze with GOP mega donor Sheldon Adelson, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) opened up about how the George Washington Bridge scandal has compelled him to "spend a lot more time at home."

In a Thursday interview with ABC News' Diane Sawyer, Christie said the controversy brought him closer to his family, adding that he's "taking more control" over what he wants to do.

“You can get caught up in this world and in this life pretty easily, in a public life that becomes so public," Christie added. "And I'll tell you that what it's done for me is just, I'll spend a lot more time at home than I ever have.”

Christie will not be at home this weekend. He is scheduled to speak before the Republican Jewish Coalition in Las Vegas on Saturday, where several GOP hopefuls are expected to be vying for Adelson's attention. During his Friday news conference -- the first in more than two months -- Christie claimed he didn't know if he was personally meeting with Adelson.

"There is significantly less interest around the country on this report than there is in this region," Christie said of the bridge scandal. "I don't know if I am having a private meeting with Sheldon and Miriam or not. I haven't looked at my schedule yet."

In a Thursday CNN report, one unnamed donor said there would be plenty of eyes on the governor in light of Bridgegate, adding that "most of the people will be making a judgment on Christie." Another anonymous GOP fundraiser said otherwise, telling CNN that in the long term, the scandal wouldn't harm him.



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