03/30/2014 10:09 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Women Everywhere Can Now Buy Their Very Own Tiny Penis Sculpture (NSFW)

Ladies, it's safe to say that at some point in your life someone, somewhere has told you to "grow some cojones," "sack up" or perhaps "be a little ballsy." By this they mean be brave, act courageous, or go forth with your bad self, but they have misguidedly decided to refer to the male anatomy in doing so.

One artist is taking this irritating comparison between the phallus and the power it possesses very literally. The project is called "Bring Your Dick to the Table" (BYDTTT), and we have Oklahoma-based Holly Wilson to thank for it.


According to Wilson, the idea came to her one day when an art gallery representative (who happened to be a man) was trying to change the terms of her exhibition, amounting to a less-than-favorable deal for the artist. "My heart and my feet went heavy; my lips went dry," she explains in the video below. "I reached for my lip balm and zing! I thought I could let this take me over OR I could hold onto my 'dick' and negotiate as the equal I am, not how he was treating me, like some kid who didn’t know any better."

Wilson isn't being metaphorical. Shortly after the interaction, the artist began a mission to craft one-and-a-half-inch penis sculptures that can be carried on the go. Fashioned in sterling silver, white bronze and 10 karat gold, the little guys can remain safely in one's pocket designed to signify that little extra "oomph" women are assumed to be missing. The metallic genitalia can even lean left or right depending on which hand the user intends to squeeze it with, and they come in a robin's egg blue velveteen pouch... because you can't just have a penis jingling around in your pocket without protection, can you?


"This is about your inner voice/ Your strength/ Remembering you are more powerful than you know," Wilson writes on the BYDTTT Kickstarter, which already raised over $5,000 at the time of publication.

She explained her positive message further in an email to The Huffington Post: "There are negative voices in our society, our culture, maybe even your own family that can corrupt your inner monologue. If holding a small bronze dick and laughing at those voices, those fears, helps you overcome them, then why not? Lets move the mountain, make changes and laugh wildly!"


While we certainly appreciate the empowering message of the campaign, we're more than a bit skeptical that any powerful woman need grab onto a phallus, real or bronzed, to find her inner resilience. Why not appreciate our own womanly goods instead of yearning for another form of genitalia? Why buy phallocentric art when you could invest in something more of the yonic persuasion?

That being said, if you think fondling a phallic figurine would give you that boost of confidence you need, or at least a hilarious little secret to reside in your pocket, we're all for the BYDTTT lifestyle. Wilson is currently raising funds on Kickstarter to make her NSFW vision a reality, hoping to reach her $11,250 goal by April 9. See Wilson explain her project in detail in the video below.

What do you think of Wilson's bold endeavor? Do you find it inspirational, hilarious, strange, offensive -- all of the above? Let us know your thoughts!