03/30/2014 07:00 am ET

A Group In Porto Is Offering The 'Worst Tours' Of The City For A Reason

Sometimes you gotta make the most of a not-so-great situation.

Take three enterprising (and out of work) architects in Porto, the second-largest city in Portugal, a country which has been hit hard economically these past few years. They have created the "Worst Tours" of the city to highlight the--shall we say--more depressing side of town.

The tour takes you around the city's Fontainhas district and to the upper-end of the town's main shopping thoroughfare, Santa Catarina street, highlighting the decrepit buildings and store fronts along the way. (According to the BBC, there are now some 70,000 derelict buildings in town.)

‘We’ll show you the alleys, the abandoned buildings, the squares, the mean streets, the old markets, the cheap tascas, the stories behind them all,’ the company told The Daily Mail. The tours are aimed at "anyone who really doesn’t want to be a tourist while getting to know Porto."

One American couple who is living in Germany said of the tours--which are free, by the way--"This kind of visit helps us understand what’s happening in Europe today."

Take The Worst Tour Of Porto Ever