03/31/2014 10:04 am ET Updated Mar 31, 2014

Oprah Asks Dina Lohan About Her Regrets, Failures And Fears As A Mother (VIDEO)

After an emotional heart to heart with Lindsay Lohan, Oprah sits down with her mother, Dina Lohan, for a no-holds-barred conversation. In the above clip from "Lindsay," Dina opens up to Oprah about her struggles as a parent.

By the time Lindsay was 19 years old, she was making $7 million per film and moved across the country to Los Angeles. "Do you have any regrets about allowing her to go to California at that age?" Oprah asks Dina.

"I didn't want her to go," Dina says. "I begged and pleaded."

But since Lindsay was legally and adult, Dina says she couldn't stop her. "And didn't have a husband or a team to help me," she says. "And I had three other children in school, I couldn't just be like, 'OK, we're going to move.'"

Lindsay has been to rehab six times, which triggers Oprah's next question: "What were you feeling as a mother? Did you feel you'd failed as a mother?"

"Well, I'm certainly not perfect, but I was juggling so many balls at once, and it was so difficult that it hurt her siblings -- what was happening in the press and how she was spiraling," Dina says. "And when I would do interviews and they would say I'm in denial, I just couldn’t tell them my personal life with my child. I was just so guarded at that point and so non-trusting."

Dina says Lindsay would hide things from her, acting like a different person when she was at home. "And I believed her, and she hid a lot from me, too. I didn't even know the names of half the drugs out there."

"That's what addicts do," Oprah says. "And everybody that has lived with an addict or dealt with an addict watching you right now understands that's what addicts do."

As Oprah asks her next question, Dina becomes emotional. "Did you think that there were days when she wouldn't make it?" Oprah asks.

"Mm-hmm," Dina nods, her eyes welling. She explains her fears that Lindsay could become a tragic Hollywood story.

"And the more the press would keep saying she's going to be, they were putting it out into the universe," she says. "That was scaring me the most. Because I knew that could happen to her."

Oprah says she feels Lindsay is in a better space now, and asks Dina how she's feeling about Lindsay's current state.

"Uneasy, but calmer," Dina says. "Because she's newly sober, so I'm nervous."

When asked if she thinks Lindsay is ready to turn her life around, Dina nods. "I really do," she says. "I really do."

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