03/31/2014 05:21 pm ET Updated Mar 31, 2014

'Jersey Shore' Star Gets His Own Reality Show

Jeffrey Mayer via Getty Images

Move over, Snooki and JWoww. The Situation is back!

The infamous personality from MTV’s "Jersey Shore" is going back to his roots for a new reality show based on his personal life. But if you're looking for more bar fights and one night stands, don’t get too excited. The Situation –- whose real name is Mike Sorrentino –- won’t be pulling any of the antics that made him a household name on the "Jersey Shore."

“The reality of the situation is … for the first time, fans and the general public, will be able to see and, well, meet Michael Sorrentino,” he told Entertainment Weekly. "This next chapter of my life is about sobriety and family, and I’m stoked to take people on this journey with us.”

The show will be focusing less on the star's drunken bingers and GTL routines and more on the people in his life –- his mother, brothers and sister are all part of the cast. (Hopefully we'll get a little six-pack action to curb our disappointment.)

After "Jersey Shore" ended, Sorrentino stayed in the spotlight with multi-million dollar endorsement deals and a brief acting stint before entering into rehab for his addiction to painkillers. Now on the straight and narrow, Sorrentino asks the question, after you’ve been one of the biggest reality stars in the country, what happens next?

Another reality show in Jersey? Fist-pump to that!

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