03/31/2014 08:49 am ET

That Time The New York Times Was Insanely Wrong About Hitler

Imagno via Getty Images

Everyone makes mistakes, even august newspapers. We all remember the Pennsylvania paper that apologized 150 years later for saying that the Gettsyburg Address was a piece of forgettable hogwash, right?

Well, this is a doozy, unearthed by the "Historical Pics" Twitter feed on Saturday. It seems that, in 1924, the New York Times reported that the world could breathe a sigh of relief: Adolf Hitler was out of jail and he was no big deal anymore! In fact, the paper wrote, Hitler was set to "retire":

If only Hitler had done what the Times said he would probably do, and gone off to be a chastened fascist vegetarian painter somewhere in the Austrian countryside.

Of course, he didn't do that.

(h/t Grant Podelco)