03/31/2014 10:54 am ET

Florida TV Station Re-Enacts Basketball Highlights, Scores Comedy Gold

Like any good team, this Florida news station knows how to improvise.

Denied the rights to air highlights of the University of Florida's 62-52 victory over Dayton to reach the Final Four, WCJB sports anchor Zach Aldridge and crew make do with a Nerf-style hoop and ball. That's right, they re-enact the game's important moments in an office-shot video that aired instead of the actual game clips.

It's a hilarious fit of inspiration that apparently got the attention of the school. "Fantastic ... it's like I was there!" a commenter from a university YouTube channel wrote on Aldridge's post.

Another viewer exclaimed: "Someone give this guy an EMMY asap!!!"

According to WCJB's website, Aldridge is a Florida graduate who "can be found hanging out with his friends or playing basketball."

Who knew he'd be doing the latter for a viewing audience's amusement?