04/01/2014 12:18 pm ET Updated Apr 01, 2014

Do You Agree With Anderson Cooper's Take On Leaving Your Kids Squat?

JB Lacroix via Getty Images

Anderson Cooper recently said he doesn't believe in things like inherited money or trust funds. In fact, he called inheritance an "initiative sucker." And, no, his mother Gloria Vanderbilt won't be leaving him anything.

We asked Huff/Post50 Facebook fans whether they plan on leaving their children their accumulated wealth. Why or why not? Feel free to chime in on the conversation in the comments section below.

Reader Jim Britt says he likes "Warren Buffet's take on it: You should leave your kids enough to do anything but not enough to do nothing." Britt notes that in his own case, "It's doubtful we'll have to ponder that dilemma."

Denice Loritsch agrees that for most people, this is just a philosophical question. She says, "We're trying hard to save for retirement so we don't cost our sons anything. What happens after that is anyone's guess."

Max Brill notes that it's a personal choice who you leave your money to and whether they accept it. "My money will go to my child. Anderson doesn't want the money -- his choice."

From Leysi R. Cabrera came this view: "if you're lucky enough to have enough to leave to your children, then OK, but if you're saving to leave enough money for your children and you do without in the process, then I don't agree. Look after No. 1 first. Children who by now will be adults will learn and manage just like we did when young!"

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