04/01/2014 11:55 am ET

Now You Can Use Your Beard To Unlock Your Phone

Your friends appreciate how awesome your beard is. Isn't it time your phone did, too?

Introducing BeardSwipe, an innovative app that allows the bearded among us to unlock their phones using only their facial hair. The app uses "beardprint" recognition technology "as a safe and convenient access point to your mobile device," Zach Goodwin, a product manager, explained in a media release. "Your phone uses a pattern based algorithm that recognizes your unique beardprint to make it safe and convenient to open."

"Beardprints are one of the many forms of biometrics used to identify individuals," Zach Saale, a BeardSwipe product engineer, continued. "Each man has a unique facial follicle pattern, coarseness, and density that create what I like to call the 'thumbprint of the face.'"

The new technology, developed by iStrategyLabs, has also been tested on mustaches, eyelashes and designer stubble, "but nothing compared to the wisdom and virility of a full-grown beard."

"Beards are for winners," reads one of BeardSwipe's taglines on Twitter, "and winners have cellphones."

WATCH the BeardSwipe promo April Fool's joke, above.