04/01/2014 01:02 pm ET Updated Apr 01, 2014

Camila Cabello's Heartfelt Note To Demi Lovato Is Beyond Sweet

Joey Foley via Getty Images

Between a crazy-catchy hit song and touring with Demi Lovato, the ladies of Fifth Harmony have come a long way since their "X Factor USA" days -- and we were reminded of just that in an adorable message by Camila Cabello.

Camila tweeted a note to the "Neon Lights" singer reminiscing about her "X Factor" audition and expressing her appreciation. Dems said it brought tears to her eyes:

I remember when i was about to audition for X factor that I saw you backstage and i burst into sobs and you probably thought i was some kind of freak. sorry about that. and then singing with you and slightly forgetting we were in the middle of a competition because i was jspellbound watching you perform.

I'm still and always will be a lovatic. anyone who takes the time to be kind is beautiful, and you are genuine and real when nobody's looking, without wanting anything from it and I WANT EVERYONE TO KNOW IT BECAUSE IT'S SO SPECIAL AND RARE. i am so happy you were the person i grew up looking up to :)

Read the full note here.

Once a Lovatic, always a Lovatic.



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