04/01/2014 07:00 am ET

Putin Trail And 11 Other Bizarrely Named Ski Trails

At Big Sky ski resort in Montana, riders can now ski a run that bears quite a controversial name: Putin. Named for the under-fire Russian president, the Putin trail will be part of an area on the mountain called "The Dictators," where steep, feisty runs already have names like Marx, Lenin, and Castro.

This won't be the first time a snow resort has gotten creative with political titles: runs at "The Ridge" in Taos Ski Valley are named Fabian, Oster, Stauffenberg, and Tresckow, after men who plotted Hitler's downfall during World War II.

Some other ski trail names, however, are not so historically significant. Here are the wittier, ruder, and more disturbing ones we've come across in our travels.

Organ Grinder
We prefer our organs whole, please.
At Snowbird Resort, Utah

Conifers of Gnarnia
Punny on so many levels.
At Revelstoke Mountain Resort, Canada

Big Doo Doo
Don't step in it!
At Alyeska Resort, Alaska

Body Bag
We DON'T wanna know where this name came from.
At Crested Butte Mountain Resort, Colorado

Goatsucker Glade
Also just disturbing.
At Sunshine Village, Canada

So this trail is... difficult to get along with? Annoying? Makes a great casserole?
At Sunshine Village, Canada

Jaws of Death
...well that's comforting.
At Mount Snow, Vermont

Oh God!
We hope they're exclaiming about the pretty view, not the unexpected drop off.
At Jungfrau Ski Region, Switzerland

Drunken Frenchman
Intoxicated foreigners would make this slope très entertaining.
At Mary Jane Mountain, Colorado

Viper Pit
Sooo are they poisonous?
At Killington, Vermont

"Let's ski Where today." "Where?" "Where." "Let's ski where?" "WHERE!"
At Durango Mountain, Colorado

I Hear Cars
At least they're honest.
At Mount Hood Meadows, Oregon



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