04/02/2014 01:35 pm ET Updated Apr 02, 2014

Masturbating Yogi Hurls Dead Animal At Car: Cops

Elke Selzle via Getty Images

They say yoga can increase your sex drive, but this is ridiculous.

Bill Kachle, 68, was practicing yoga at a national park in Virginia earlier this month when he allegedly began waving his arms wildly and masturbating, according to an court records obtained by The Smoking Gun.

Two female visitors to the Mount Vernon Trail complained to park police that the man was "holding a yoga pose" before assuming his next position -- downward whacking dog. Next, Kachle allegedly picked up a "dead animal" and bolted onto the George Washington Memorial Parkway, where he chucked the critter carcass at a passing car.

The women said afterwards, he went back to the trail and resumed masturbation.

Next time he's doing yoga and needs a little release, maybe he should just try one of these anti-stress positions.

He was arrested March 27 and charged with disorderly conduct and obscene acts.