Childhood Gender Roles Look Totally Ridiculous When Forced On Adults

Girls are pretty pink princesses, and boys are blue-blooded studs -- at least that's the message most young kids receive on a daily basis. (See little Riley's rant about pink toys for proof.) But what if we gender-divided up our adult lives the way we seem to think children should?

A new video from BuzzFeed explores just that.

In "If We Used Childhood Gender Roles On Adults," two new employees are guided through a first-day orientation with a helpful dose of gender policing from their colleagues and supervisors. David wearing a pink shirt? Not allowed. Madeleine picking a mug that says "stud" instead of the "diva" or "princess" options? Subversive.

The video humorously reminds us how silly and arbitrary gender roles are -- and makes us question why we submit children (and adults) to them in the first place.

These gendered messages still exist in adulthood, but in less obvious ways. While men are congratulated for having a lot of sex, women are shamed for it. Assertive men in the office show "good leadership," assertive women are bossy. And let's not even talk about the different expectations men and women face in parenting.

Watch the full video above.

[h/t Wifey TV]



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