04/02/2014 01:38 pm ET Updated Apr 02, 2014

We Wish The Colorado Rapids April Fools' Day Uniforms Were Their Permanent Uniforms

The Colorado Rapids' April Fools' Day uniforms may have been a joke, but they just completely won the Internet.

The Major League Soccer team announced on Monday that the burgundy and white design was out and a new leather fringe and short-shorts design was in -- the former uniforms of the Caribou of Colorado, a North American Soccer League team that played for only a single season in 1978.

The announcement was of course an April Fools' prank, but we kind of wish it wasn't -- the fringe and shiny jackets are magnificent and would clearly lead any team to victory.

"Among the things that I know now is that this Caribous jacket is beautiful... I want to sleep in it," Rapids head coach Pablo Mastroeni was quoted on Instagram, while wearing said jacket. We understand, Mastroeni, we understand:

Here are some other tongue-in-cheek shots of the team hamming it up in the throwback Caribou uniforms:



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