04/03/2014 04:25 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

All Your O-Town Reunion Questions, Answered


If you heard the news about an O-Town reunion, you were probably left with a lot of unanswered questions.

Who was O-Town again? Wait, didn't that one dude have a spinoff show on MTV? And seriously, how disgusting is that "Liquid Dreams" song?

Don't worry, y'all. Here's a comprehensive guide to all things O-town, just in case your one nostalgic friend drags you to their concert.

Where did O-Town come from?
Like most pop sensations at the time, O-Town was managed by pop impressario/future con man Lou Pearlman. Pearlman's blatant let's-form-a-cookie-cutter-boy-band-and-make-some-loot strategy became even more obvious with O-Town, as the band's creation was the subject of an ABC show, "Making The Band."

Side note: This picture is amazing.

It should be noted that O-Town was on the first season of "Making The Band," so they didn't have to fetch a cheesecake for P. Diddy (or whatever he goes by) like contestants in later seasons were forced to do.

Next question: Who was O-Town, really?
To break them down by member: there was Dan Miller, lead vocalist; Ashley Parker Angel, the blonde heartthrob; Erik Estrada, token nice guy; Trevor Penick, the talented dancer; and Jacob Underwood, edgy because dreadlocks.

And what did they sing again?
So yeah, their first single, "Liquid Dreams," was literally an ode to nocturnal emissions.

But that doesn't change the fact that "All Or Nothing" is an undeniably good ballad and served as a staple slowjam at high school proms across the nation.

That key change at 3:23 tho.

Also, for the diehard fans, this was the proverbial bomb diggity:

So what ever happened to them?
Sadly, along with the boy band craze in general, O-Town disbanded in 2004.

But yes, Ashley Parker Angel did have his own MTV show in 2006, "There & Back: Ashley Parker Angel." The one-season show chronicled his efforts in launching a solo career while preparing to have his first child with his girlfriend Tiffany. Show highlights: In Episode 1, Angel recalls being teased for his own name, and vows that the baby will not suffer the same fate; In Episode 5, Angel names his son Lyric.

The remaining four members, Estrada, Penick, Miller and Underwood, are planning a reunion TBD, as announced in this video:

According to the video, they're essentially a "whole new band." It definitely won't be the same without Angel. [Insert "cause I want it all or nothing at all" joke here]

But why isn't Ashley down with the 'Town?
Parker is currently pursuing acting. He shared a pretty creepy photo on his Instagram account with an explanatory caption: "From today's special fx make-up test before my shoot this weekend in the Mojave desert -- I'm playing a character that is extremely sunburnt, dehydrated and on the edge of death. I'd say they nailed it!"

But don't worry ladies, he's still the heartthrob you remember:

So there you have it, people. Now all we need is a 3LW comeback.



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