04/02/2014 01:33 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Teen Says He Was 'Ruined' By Illicit Sexual Affair With School Guard Who Avoided Jail

The victim of a former school employee who admitted that she had sex with a Virginia teen -- but nevertheless avoided jail time -- says he is "ruined" by the experience.

The victim, a 16-year-old boy whose identity has been withheld, says that woman convicted in the case deserves a harsher sentence, according to an interview with WTKR.

“If it was a dude, if it was an older man and a younger female about my age, that dude would be locked up for rest of his life,” he said.

Patience Perez pleaded guilty to two counts of indecent liberties by a custodian after she repeatedly had sex with the boy, who was 15 years old when the illicit relationship began. She received a seven-month sentence in March, but that penalty was suspended for a year, and will carry no jail time if Perez meets a list of conditions issued by a Norfolk Circuit Court judge.

Those requirements include counseling, registering as a sex offender, and staying away from the victim.

The boy's mother was shocked by the decision.

"We haven't wrapped our brain around it... It doesn't make sense. It's like we endured all this pain all this stress and for this to happen. Just like an arrow to the heart," she said after the sentencing, according to the New York Daily News.

The victim told WTKR that he began seeing Perez after the woman, who worked as a security guard at Renaissance Academy in Virginia Beach, approached him in a hallway and gave him her phone number.

“Like any other teenager, you would think that you’re the man. You got this older female that’s giving you her contact information,” he said. “Initially it was supposed to like the thing where, we just like, have sex and then like that’s it. But then it turned into something much more. It turned into a relationship."

During a month-long affair, Perez and the teen had sex multiple times at her home at a Naval base in Norfolk while her husband was away, and at the boy's home police said. They exchanged porn using their phones, and once discussed killing Perez's husband, according to the Associated Press.

The teen's mother approached police after finding naked photos of Perez on her son's phone. The mother has started a petition demanding harsher sentences in cases like her son's.

According to a different WTKR report, the judge suspended Perez's sentence because she is going to have a baby. The teen is not thought to be the father.

Perez will face charges for the same crime in Virginia Beach. She is due in court there later in April.



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