04/03/2014 01:51 pm ET Updated Apr 03, 2014

Amy Schumer's Men-Only Focus Group Says She Needs '10 Percent' Better Butt

After the magnificent darling that is "Broad City" wrapped up its first season, we lamented the potential loss of our weekly half hour of unadulterated lady humor. Thankfully, "Inside Amy Schumer" started its second season this week, and one of our favorite comedians touched our souls right out of the gate.

In her first -- and possibly most hilarious -- sketch, a male-dominated focus group is asked to assess the comedic merits of the first season of "Inside Amy Schumer." In a conversation nearly indistinguishable from a Pornhub comments section, participants offer unsolicited critiques of Schumer's appearance: "I thought her tits were great, like really good tits. But her face was just OK," offers one discerning gentleman. They also prefer Schumer's skits to her stand-up bits because the women are "just way hotter in the skits."

The bit is hilarious, but offers commentary on what many cultural critics have considered: women in comedy are judged first and foremost on their appearance, no matter how funny they are. One guy "appreciated how it had a feminist bent on a male-skewing network, but I must say I would enjoy the routines more if she had, like, a 10 percent better dumper." Ah yes, well at least he's specific when it comes to butt quality and degree of feminism permitted.

As always, Schumer is in on her own joke. Standing whiplashed behind the mirrored glass after observing the group, she finds the socially-constructed silver lining: "A couple of them would bang me?" she says earnestly.

Schumer skillfully makes the men the victims of the sketch, rather than the women they judge. They appear as artless creeps who can't truly appreciate and enjoy great entertainment with their one-track minds. Forgive us for not taking too much pity on them. We would if they were 10 percent less awful.



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