04/03/2014 04:28 pm ET Updated Apr 03, 2014

Katy Perry Debuts Artwork For Latest Single, 'Birthday'

Katy Perry wants to wish you a happy birthday ... kind of.

The "Roar" singer took to Twitter on Thursday to debut the cover of her next single, "Birthday," off of the "Prism" album. The image, which she captioned, "In honor of #TBT may I present the cover of my NEXXXT single, BIRTHDAY," took advantage of Throwback Thursday with an old-school family photo, in which her sister's face is blurred.

Shortly after posting the image, Perry tweeted that if her 52 million followers could manage to get #BIRTHDAY trending, that she would de-blur her sassy sidekick. When the tag began to trend, Perry revealed her sister's face. Birthday balloons and a cake have been half-heartedly photoshopped onto the picture, making the whole thing look a bit like a cheap birthday card.

Listen to "Birthday" and decide for yourself whether the artwork fits the tune.



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