04/03/2014 03:45 pm ET Updated Apr 03, 2014

King's College Choir Reveals VERY Secret Way Of Reaching Unearthly High Notes

If you've been wondering how King's College Choir reaches those incredibly high notes, your curiosity can finally be put to rest.

In their performance of "Miserere Mei Deus, Gregorio Allegri" the choir demonstrates their extremely innovative way of hitting pitches that almost don't sound human. Don't worry, they aren't eunuchs.

"High male voices have been part of the choir sound for more than 500 years," says Rev. Richard Lloyd Morgan, King's College Chaplain, in the video above. "After a lengthy consultation process, during which we learned that the surgical solution was surprisingly unpopular with the choral scholars, someone in the chemistry department came up with a simple solution -- and now all we need is a very large tank of helium."

Of course, this was part of an April Fool's day stunt that had us all laughing and wanting more.



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