04/03/2014 04:25 pm ET Updated Apr 03, 2014

This Man's Home Has Essentially Turned Into A Private Concert Venue -- And He LOVES It

Musicians have been flocking to Nick Stanley's living room in Farmington, Maine, to play private concerts for the young man who cannot leave his bed.

According to the Portland Press Herald, popular Maine musicians, including rapper Spose and rock band Rustic Overtones, have been playing live shows in Stanley's home for more than a year, singing and playing their instruments as the 35-year-old lies mostly motionless -- but thrilled as can be -- on his bed.

Stanley has adult-onset spinal muscular atrophy, a condition that has left him confined to his bed for the last two years. He's unable to walk, eat or even breathe on his own, but as his condition has worsened, music has acted as a powerful life force.

“It really keeps me going," Stanley, who breathes with the help of a machine, told the Press Herald. "When you lay in one spot all day, everything is the same... But the music is always changing.”

The concerts in his home, which has been dubbed the "Stanley Station," has also given the young man something to look forward to each day.

On his Facebook wall, which he updates with the help of his nursing assistant, post after post reveals the unbridled joy he feels as a result of the special concerts.

"Yesterday there was another amazing set of live music at my house," he wrote on March 29. "Some people may not understand this...but I am really f--king lucky!"

Stanley poses with Spose (left) in this Facebook photo

Stanley isn't the only one who feels blessed, however.

Rapper Spose, who has played several shows at the "Stanley Station" throughout the past year, wrote in a recent Facebook post that Stanley is an inspiration to him.

"I'm sure he'll inspire you and give you a renewed outlook on the world," he wrote.

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