04/03/2014 08:52 am ET Updated Apr 03, 2014

Seth Rogen Says Detroit Mayor Should Try Smoking Crack

People have a lot of ideas about how to save Detroit. Crack cocaine doesn't usually make the list.

But when Seth Rogen appeared on Tuesday night's episode of "Conan," the actor said just that when comparing Toronto to other cities that don't seem to be doing so well.

"What's weird is like, you go to Toronto and and it's like it's really a beautiful city that is very well-running, a lot better than a lot of non-mayor crack smoking cities that I've been to in my life," Rogen said. "Detroit is right across the river and their mayor doesn't smoke crack -- but maybe he should!"

The city recently elected Mayor Mike Duggan, a former hospital CEO who is Detroit's first white mayor in more than 40 years. Detroit isn't exactly across the river -- that's Windsor, Ontario; Toronto is located about 240 miles north of the Motor City -- but we digress.

"Wait," O'Brien said to Rogen. "Are you saying that smoking crack may be beneficial to serving as mayor?"

"I'm saying you don't associate crack with laziness, at all," Rogen responded as the audience laughed. "You don't sleep much, you don't eat much, you get a lot done. You're a busybody on crack."

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford told the world he smoked crack cocaine after a purported video showing Ford smoking the drug was reported by local media and ended up in the hands of the police. Ford has said his illegal drug use likely occurred during a "drunken stupor" in 2012.

Despite Ford's personal life, according to a 2013 survey Toronto holds the second-best reputation of any city in the world. Detroit, which filed for bankruptcy this year, didn't even make the list.

Rogen, who is Canadian, and his writing partner Evan Goldberg reportedly sold a movie about a politician whose crack-smoking antics get him into trouble -- although they say the character isn't based "specifically" on Ford himself.

"No one wanted to make it for years," Rogen told The Globe And Mail. "Then this guy smoked crack and one of the happy upshoots of that is that you know somewhere in Hollywood someone’s like ‘Man it would be great to have a script about a politician who smokes crack,’ and someone was like ‘There already is one. They’ve been trying to sell it for years.’"

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