04/04/2014 01:36 pm ET Updated Apr 04, 2014

Al Roker Gets A 'Total Surprise' From Joe Biden

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Al Roker appeared on "Today" from his home with his arm in a sling post-shoulder surgery on Friday morning.

The "Today" co-host has been out for several days following rotator cuff surgery earlier this week. He updated viewers on his recovery on Friday, telling his colleagues that he is feeling "pretty good."

Roker said that he will need to wear the sling for "a couple of weeks," and then begin physical therapy exercises. He is planning to be back on air Monday. He also revealed that he got a "total surprise" phone call from Vice President Joe Biden on Thursday.

"We're moving ever so closer to getting the vice-president to come to the 9 o'clock hour. Even if I have to rip my arm off," Roker joked. The bromance between the two has, of course, been well-documented.

Hear Roker's account of their conversation in the clip above.