04/04/2014 05:55 pm ET

From Prada To Hilfiger, Designers Are Embracing The Aloha Shirt

Michael Ochs Archives via Getty Images

WHEN EVERY MENSWEAR label in the known universe, from top-tier Italian fashion houses to middle-market department store brands, embraces the same trend, you know there's something in the air. This spring, it's a very specific aroma—Bubble Gum surf wax and hibiscus, with notes of sinsemilla—and it's wafting off the once-humble Aloha shirt, beloved uniform of SoCal surfers, Hawaiian locals and hard-partying uncles the world over.

Just a few of the big names who've raided Jeff Spicoli's closet: Prada, Dries Van Noten, Ovadia & Sons, Tommy Hilfiger, Ami, Saint Laurent, Shipley & Halmos and Junya Watanabe. Together, they've invited one of menswear's most iconic, if kitschy, garments to the cool kids' table.

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