04/04/2014 02:31 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Man Grabs Elderly Woman, Swings Her Around (VIDEO)

A viral video, posted to Facebook Thursday, has caught the attention of Romanian authorities, who are now looking for a group of men possibly responsible for assaulting an elderly woman.

In the video, a man picks up a short elderly woman before swinging her around on a street in Bucharest. It was originally reported by The Daily Mail.

The woman appears disoriented as she is set down. A group of men laugh as she attempts to run away.

The Daily Mail reports that the friends can be heard saying: "Spin her more!" and "Run and catch her, do it again."

A man is then seen sprinting after the woman and swinging her around again while she screams.

A Bucharest police spokesperson told The Daily Mail that they are looking into the incident.

"We want to know when this video was shot, where it was shot and who the people were in the video," a spokesperson told the publication. "A report will then be prepared for prosecutors who will decide what action to take."



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