04/04/2014 12:18 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

We Let A Blood-Sucking River Monster Attach To Our Body (VIDEO)

The star of Animal Planet's River Monsters admits he does fear one kind of fish.

Jeremy Wade has gone fin-to-fist with some of the world's most dangerous and unusual aquatic terrors, but he gets squeamish around the Candiru Catfish. That's the parasitic fish that usually slips into fish gills to drink blood -- but it's also known to swim up the urine stream of unsuspecting adventurers relieving themselves in the water. And once it's there, it's not coming out.

"This is the thing that terrifies me the most," he told HuffPost Weird News this week, on the eve of Sunday's new season of "River Monsters."

"We had a guy who saw this disappear into him. He tried to grab the tail but it didn't work. He had to get surgery. He was in a really bad way ... It's one of the smallest river monsters I deal with and yet there's a barb that makes it so once it's got its head in, it's not coming back out."


Look! Jeremy Wade is terrified!

Now, we at HuffPost Weird News are scared of anything that attaches to unsuspecting humans underwater. So when Wade invited us to meet the prehistoric, bloodsucking lamprey, we agreed. It's a jawless fish, about the size of your average eel, that uses suction to attach onto bigger fish, usually to hitch a ride.

But this hitchhiker has cruel intentions, and can decide to bore into its host and suck its blood. That thought crossed our mind as it attached onto our hand. Did it decide to suck our blood? Check out the video above to find out, then check out season six of River Monsters starting on April 6 at 9 p.m. Eastern Time.

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