04/04/2014 10:07 am ET Updated Apr 04, 2014

What The Hell Does 'Empowering Women' Really Mean? Does Anybody Out There Even Know? Anybody?

101cats via Getty Images

An editorial initiative from a spread of high-profile UK women's magazines has been announced today. Called 'Hearst Empowering Women,' the new website, intended "to inspire and celebrate modern British women" was launched this morning at Advertising Week with involvement from many of the publisher's women's titles such as Elle, Red, Cosmo, Good Housekeeping, and Harper's Bazaar. The site will also support Sarah Brown's education charity Theirworld.

But the name, the name! Empowerment. Argh. A term I do so wish would die a death. The word itself is meant to evoke… well, something powerful… but it is both so vague and so malleable as to have little meaning outside of highly contextualised uses. In many cases it might be better not to use it at all.

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