04/05/2014 08:53 am ET

Goodwill Bible Discovery Reunites Family With Long-Lost Heirloom

Employees at a Goodwill in Denver, Co., were surprised to find a family Bible with an elegant inscription inside a donation box full of computer parts.

The dedication began with "Wm Burbidge, Long Bucky, Northhamptonshire, born May 20th 1812, Died August 9th 1882,'' and ended with "Grace Ann Burbidge, Born July 31st 1854, Died 12th May 1932."

Joyce Schlose of Goodwill's Chief People Office took it upon herself to find the family that lost the centuries-old heirloom, and her search led her to Roy Evans of Denville, N.J.

"Our great, great grandfather was the nephew of William Burbidge, born in 1812. I intend to take good care of it for future generations," Evans said.