04/05/2014 04:31 pm ET Updated Apr 07, 2014

Kevin Spacey Handles Private Life Questions The Way Frank Underwood Would

Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP

Kevin Spacey's private life is private.

The "House of Cards" star recently gave a lengthy interview to The Hollywood Reporter for the cover story of the magazine's April 11 issue, but stopped short of delving into the details of his personal life. "Spacey, whose only permanent home is in London, fiercely guards his private life. In fact, his affable demeanor shuts off the moment he is asked about it," Lacey Rose writes.

Rose said this reaction may relate back to the 1997 Esquire piece titled "Kevin Spacey Has a Secret," which implied details about his sexuality. After the profile was published, Spacey's agent released a statement advising other agents to "dissuade" their clients from working with Esquire and accused the publication of "deceptive and fraudulent behavior."

These days, Spacey continues to remain tight-lipped.

"Let's let people live their lives and do it the way they want to do it," he told THR. "All the chips will fall in the end, and we'll all be judged by a much higher power than Entertainment Weekly can."

In a 2010 interview with the Daily Beast, Spacey said he has never spoken about his private life and never will. He draws a firm line that many other celebrities are willing to cross.

"Look, at the end of the day people have to respect people's differences," he said at the time. "I am different than some people would like me to be. I just don't buy into that the personal can be political. I just think that's horseshit. No one's personal life is in the public interest. It's gossip, bottom line. End of story."



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