04/06/2014 10:52 am ET Updated Apr 08, 2014

Ellen DeGeneres Gives A Quirky Quantum Physics Lesson (VIDEO)

Who knew physics could be funny?

Well, it can be if comedian Ellen Degeneres is your professor. On a recent episode of her NBC talk show, the beloved comedian gave her own hilarious take on quantum mechanics and black holes. Just check out the YouTube video above.

"Here is a black hole," Ellen says in the video. "You can all see it, right? Wrong, you can't. They're invisible. No one has ever seen one. They're like an ugly puppy or a flattering polyester pant suit, you'll never see one."

As the hilarity ensues, the comedian's lecture packs in some real science .

Black holes are formed when a star collapses. When a star collapses it creates a huge amount of gravitational pull, and gravity affects time. So the gravity next to a black hole is so strong that the minute you're next to a black hole would feel like a thousand years to us. Just like a minute explaining black holes feels like a thousand years to us.

Ha. Watch and learn (and laugh).



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