04/06/2014 12:48 pm ET Updated Apr 06, 2014

These 14 Incredible Wine Cellars Are What Dreams Are Made Of (PHOTOS)

Not only does wine pair fantastically with food and bring friends and family together around the tasting table, but put it all in a fabulously-designed cellar and you've got a space that everyone will flock to. Just a few (okay, many) levels up from your standard chiller or run-of-the-mill rack, wine cellars have become so much more than a place to protect all those bottles from light and heat -- just like these 14 projects from our friends at Porch.com, they've become places of decor dreams. To see even more photos, click on the project name under each picture.

Which one do you raise your glass to?

  • Get the wine to the dining room table... even faster.
    Modern Elegance by Long and Associates Architects Aia Inc
  • Rustic meets contemporary where wine meets cheese.
    California Mediterranean by Alison Whittaker Design
  • Enjoy some Tuscan warmth (no flight to Italy needed).
    Tuscan Home by Riverland Homes
  • No wine cellar is complete without a tasting table...
  • Nothing pairs with wine quite like custom tile and Terra cotta.
    Lakeside Lookout by Gelotte Hommas
  • Stainless steel and glass bring modern elegance to a cellar.
    Miami Beach by Sojo Design
  • When more is more, group by color...
    Modern Residence by Dencity LLC
  • ...and when less is more, go linear.
    NeMo by Phil Kean Designs
  • Imported tiles and vintage crates layer practicality with an element of charm.
    Woodway Manor by Gelotte Hommas
  • Coupling a cellar with a bar is always (always) a good idea.
    Refined Lonestar by Sojo Design
  • Pair exposed stone, barrel seating and gothic accents to go medieval with your tastings.
    Cypress by Stillwater Builders
  • When it doubt, stack those bottles -- and save the corks for decoration!
    Waterfront Mediterranean by Milestone Studio
  • Bring some sauna-worthy zen to the cellar with a geometric design.
    Hamptons Chic by Sojo Design
  • Is there any other way to enter a wine cellar than through custom wroughtiron doors?
    Paradise Valley by Robyn Randall, ASID

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