04/07/2014 03:30 am ET Updated Apr 07, 2014

Bald Man Uses Blonde Girlfriend's Passport, Makes It Through Airport Security

How did that happen???

Neil Clulow, a 50-year-old bald guy with a goatee, managed to travel from the United Kingdom to Spain on the wrong passport last month -- one that shows a photo of a blonde woman, according to the British tabloids and other reports out of Europe, including this one from Germany:

Clulow says he accidentally grabbed his girlfriend's passport before leaving home.

Since he had no checked baggage, he was allowed to use only his boarding pass to get through security at Birmingham Airport. But the gate agent checking passports before boarding didn't question him, and neither did passport control officers at Spain's Alicante Airport.

It was only later, when the friends he was traveling with began comparing passport photos, that he noticed the mistake.

"Me and my mates were joking about our bad passport pictures and they looked at mine and said 'Neil, you're much better looking in this picture than in real life,'" Clulow told the Daily Mail.

The Mail has more photos that show how Clulow and his girlfriend definitely do not look alike.

Monarch Airlines blamed its employee at the gate for the incident.

"We can confirm that Mr. Clulow was able to board a flight from Birmingham to Alicante on 16th March 2014 with an incorrect passport," the airline said in a statement cited by the Mail, the Daily Express and other newspapers. "Monarch use ground handling agents at all our UK bases to manage check in, boarding and other non-flight related tasks. At the time of this incident, the agents in place at Birmingham Airport were Servisair."

Servisair is reportedly investigating the incident. In addition, the airline has asked Clulow to identify the agent who let him board.

"I didn't want to do that to her so I refused," he said, according to the Express. "I've heard nothing from them since."



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