16 Foods From Childhood We Can't Believe Are Still Around

View of a pie made with Spam-brand canned meat, potatoes, scallions, and cream of mushroom soup among other ingredients, some
View of a pie made with Spam-brand canned meat, potatoes, scallions, and cream of mushroom soup among other ingredients, some of which are pictured along with a rolling pin for making the pie's shell, 1950s or 1960s. (Photo by Tom Kelley/Getty Images)

Over the last few decades, we've seen all sorts of scientific and technological advances. We've seen an explosion of ecommerce, DNA testing and digital media. In short, times change, but some things -- like the irresistible junk we love to eat -- stay the same. We asked our Facebook friends about foods from childhood they can't believe are still around, and here's what they had to say, plus the year the items came on the market. Have anything to add? Let us know in comments.

1. Lucky Charms
We've been buying this marshmallow-laden breakfast food since 1962.

lucky charms

2. Cap'n Crunch
You'd think the captain would've gotten promoted to admiral since 1963... and that kids would have found another sugary cereal to embrace.

capn crunch

3. Goya Vienna sausages
The perfect finger snack -- since 1936.

vienna sausages

4. Bac-O's bacon bits
"That stuff could start up the deadest of engines" since at least 1987, said Facebook friend Maryjane Fahey.


5. Twinkies
"Twinkies are like roaches... you can kill them but they just keep coming back" -- since 1933, said Facebook friend Sylvester Monroe.


6. Swanson frozen dinners
Around since 1954, Swanson also coined the phrase "TV dinner."

swanson frozen dinner

7. Good & Plenty
Around since 1893, many boomers say they love this candy even more today.


8. Little Debbie snack cakes
We've been buying these tasty sweet treats since 1960.

little debbie cakes

9. Quisp
This is another sugar-sweetened breakfast cereal -- around since 1965.

quisp cereal

10. Bugles
This corn chip has been a snack favorite for the whole family since 1965.

bugles snack

11. Cheez Whiz
This processed cheese sauce, sold by Kraft, has been around since 1952.

cheez whiz

12. Stella D'oro cookies
This brand of cookies and breadsticks, around since 1928, is inspired by Italian baking.


13. Pop Rocks candy
The concept behind this candy -- which creates a fizzy reaction when it dissolves in one's mouth -- was patented in 1957.

pop rocks candy

14. Spam
Despite spawning a series of jokes about mystery meat, this precooked meat product has been around since 1937.


15. Kraft Macaroni & Cheese
Introduced in 1937, this dry macaroni and cheese mix now comes in various forms including Easy Mac.

kraft macaroni and cheese

16. Pop Tarts
With a sugary filling sealed inside two layers of rectangular, thin pastry crust, it's no surprise we've been buying these toaster pastries since the 1960s.

pop tarts



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