04/07/2014 12:47 pm ET Updated Apr 07, 2014

Scott Walker Under Fire For Hiring Spokeswoman Who Supports Abortion Rights


Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R) is standing by his decision to hire a campaign spokeswoman who supports reproductive rights, despite coming under fire from social conservatives.

Last month, Walker's reelection campaign hired Alleigh Marre, 25. In February 2011, she wrote on her now-removed personal blog that she supported funding for Planned Parenthood, which Republicans have targeted because one of the services it provides is abortions.

"I'm a Republican, and I support Planned Parenthood, a woman's right to choose, access to STD testing, birth control, etc. (Did I mention I'm a Republican?)" wrote Marre.

Marre's position is not in line with her new boss'. On his campaign website, Walker describes himself as "100% pro-life." He has also cut funding to Planned Parenthood clinics and signed legislation restricting access to abortion.

According to Daniel Bice at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, anti-abortion rights groups have criticized Walker for hiring Marre.

"Obviously, naturally, that's a problem," said Matt Sande, legislative director for Pro-Life Wisconsin, which has repeatedly endorsed Walker. "I think he needs a new spokeswoman, immediately."

"As a person in the public representing the governor, I think it is a problem," added Barbara Lyons, executive director of Wisconsin Right to Life. "It's a problem for people who believe in Scott Walker and his pro-life position."

But Walker is standing by Marre. Last week, Walker said she would remain on his campaign.

“She’s not a policy maker in those particular issues,” he said. “She’s acting as a communications person.”



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