04/07/2014 03:59 pm ET

Everyday Objects Make This Artist's Doodles Ten Times More Adorable

Victor Nunes

Many of the world's best known art is made of a singular material: statues made of marble, portraits and battles depicted in oil paints, images of war-torn nations and tropical jungles on film. But for one Portuguese-speaking artist, his two-dimensional sketches are never complete without adding in an element of the real world, mostly objects we interact with everyday.

Victor Nunes' work uses 2D sketches that integrate 3D objects, mostly common objects, into their structure. Whether it's a lettuce leaf skirt on a dancer or a walnut for a person's face, each tiny object enhances the composition of the sketches in a cheeky, playful way. Nunes' Facebook page boasts many of these images, which he describes as "...faces and other stuff, all with a touch of humor." Beyond the humor, these pieces evoke a sense of wonder about the objects we handle everyday, that just by looking at them differently, we can find a work of art.