04/08/2014 05:48 pm ET Updated Apr 08, 2014

Bob Saget Took BuzzFeed's 'Full House' Character Quiz And Didn't Get Danny

Bob Saget loves Eric Clapton, he never makes plans to go out and he's a fan of Furbies. Saget's answers to BuzzFeed's "Which 'Full House' Character Are You?" quiz, which he took while visiting HuffPost Live on Tuesday, April 8, did not yield expected results.

Saget passed the test of being Internet savvy by insisting that he uses Emojis a lot, joking that the hypodermic needle is a fave and that he knows about BuzzFeed quizzes. Unfortunately, he did not get Danny Tanner upon taking the online quiz.

As it turns out, Saget is actually much more like Uncle Jesse, at least according to the quiz. "What does that mean?" Saget said with surprise. "Who made this up? They don't even know him." Sorry, BuzzFeed, but Danny himself doesn't think you know your "Full House" very well.

Watch the full interview, above, to find out Saget's cereal of choice!



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