04/08/2014 10:37 am ET Updated Apr 08, 2014

Jillian Michaels Might Be Leaving 'The Biggest Loser'


Jillian Michaels might be saying goodbye to "The Biggest Loser," again.

The famed trainer known for her tough-love approach with contestants is reportedly fed up and ready to distance herself from the show.

"She is deeply concerned about the direction the show has been taking," a source told People. "She is turned off by the mean-spirited story lines and poor care of the contestants."

After the controversy surrounding the winner of this season's competition, we don't blame her! Rachel Frederickson (who worked with Dolvett Quince, and continued losing weight at home) took home the title of "Biggest Loser" after shedding a staggering amount of weight before the final weigh in.

The show never commented on Frederickson's appearance, but Michaels' reaction to the final results said it all.

"They asked her to come back to boost the ratings and they needed her, but the Rachel thing shook her up," said the source. "Her feeling is that there isn't proper attention paid to the contestants' health or wellness."

Another thing Michaels has grown tired of is the persona she's forced to play for the cameras.

"The show uses her as the bad guy, and anyone who knows Jillian knows she's not the bad guy at all. She's not the negative person they portray her as," said the source. "She wants to be in a place where she has more respect."



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