04/08/2014 11:01 am ET Updated Apr 08, 2014

Rachel Maddow Goes After Her Favorite Nemesis, The 'Terribly Embarrassing' Scott Brown

Rachel Maddow went after former Massachusetts senator Scott Brown on Monday night, saying that his opposition to Obamacare provided yet another reason he is a "terribly embarrassing" candidate and public official.

Brown is set to launch his bid for the Senate in New Hampshire this week. There is, of course, no love lost between Brown and Maddow — the two have a long-running feud that goes as far back as 2010, when Brown claimed that Maddow was planning to run against him in 2012.

On Monday, Maddow ran through a long list of Brown's gaffes and awkward comments. But now, the recent successes of Obamacare — which Brown has condemned —spell more trouble for the candidate, Maddow said.

"Scott Brown was a terribly embarrassing senator, he's always been a pretty terribly embarrassing candidate but this is truly a terribly and embarrassing time to be announcing that you are running for office — in the Northeast of all places — when the only not funny thing people know about you is that you are against health reform, which is actually working."

Watch her full comments in the clip above.



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