04/08/2014 02:37 pm ET Updated Apr 09, 2014

Topless Woman Goes On Rampage In Florida McDonald's

UPDATE: The original video for this post has been removed.

Details are scarce about the video of a topless woman in a thong who went on a rampage in what is purportedly a St. Petersburg, Fla. McDonald's.

It's unclear when the security camera footage was taken, but the woman can be seen ransacking the McDonald's as employees stand by powerless to stop her.

As Gawker's Jay Hathaway writes:

Florida Woman doesn't play by the rules. She engages on her own terms. She puts her hand under the ice cream dispenser of life and drinks deeply of everything it has to offer, and then grabs a handful of fries for the road.

The St. Petersburg Times put in a call to local police for more details on the incident, but a spokesperson said he hadn't heard of the incident.

But if early results are any indication, the Internet loves the topless McDonald's destroying woman.



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