04/09/2014 03:52 pm ET

Barbara Walters Makes Some Very Candid Remarks About What Really Happened At 'The View'

Lou Rocco via Getty Images

Barbara Walters dropped some tantalizing hints in the latest issue of Variety about what really caused the recent shakeup on "The View."

The talk show has been undergoing a thorough revamp following the departure of Joy Behar and Elisabeth Hasselbeck. "The View" has also deemphasized its signature political jousts, since the most eager participants in those jousts have both left the show.

When Behar and Hasselbeck left, both hosts insisted they were going of their own volition, even as rumors swirled that they had been pushed out the door.

In her Variety interview, Walters certainly seemed to suggest that the show's previous line did not tell the whole story.

“These are not Barbara and Bill’s decisions,” she said, referring to her co-executive producer Bill Geddie. “The network is also involved. I think the feeling was if one went, both had to leave. We needed to shake things up.”

For more of Walters' very candid thoughts, head over to Variety.

(h/t Brian Stelter)