Billy Joel Visits Elementary School On Long Island For Tribute Concert

When a Long Island elementary school invited singer Billy Joel to watch students perform a tribute concert, they didn't expect the Piano Man to actually show up.

But about five minutes before Wednesday's program began, Joel pulled up to Deasy Elementary School in Glen Cove, N.Y., on his motorcycle and took a seat in the audience for the "River of Dreams" concert featuring kindergarteners, first graders and second graders, according to reports on Twitter and in Newsday.

The Glen Cove School District snapped this very meta image of Billy Joel listening to Billy Joel, and provided it to Newsday:

"I asked him if he wanted to sit in front, but he said he would rather stay in the back so he wouldn't make the kids nervous," principal Nomi Rosen told the paper.

Joel, 64, lives about 10 minutes away in the town of Centre Island.

Friends, family and fans quickly took to Twitter to thank Joel for showing up.