04/09/2014 05:42 pm ET Updated Apr 09, 2014

Yep, Land Rover Pretty Much Just Came Up With An Invisibility Cloak For Cars

It’s a question that has arguably boggled mankind ever since the invention of the automobile: “What the hell did I just run over?”

Thanks to Land Rover, humanity will soon be one step closer to an answer.

Called Transparent Bonnet ("Bonnet" being Britspeak for "hood," or the piece of metal that covers your car’s engine), the system projects a feed from front-mounted cameras onto the vehicle’s windshield, a news release notes. This makes the hood practically -- or "virtually" -- invisible.

The tech will be attached to Land Rover’s latest concept vehicle, which will be unveiled at next week’s New York Auto Show. Currently, there's no word on when Land Rover will let customers check the "invisibility cloak" option on their next new car purchase.

Watch the video above to get a better sense of how the system works.



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