04/09/2014 02:07 pm ET Updated Apr 09, 2014

New York City 'Expectations vs. Reality' Is Just Way Too Real

New York City -- where dreams come true... or come to die.

If you moved to this city with skyscraper-high expectations, it won't take long to realize the city cannot possibly live all the way (or a little bit) up to your standards.

Housing, for example, is probably not what you thought it'd be. No, you will not have a place like Hannah Horvath's or Carrie Bradshaw's, unless you're making bank or your parents love paying your bills.

The subway is not quite the pleasure cruise you were expecting, but at least you get to be smushed between a bajillion other people during rush hour.

Don't worry though, because once you start to get used to the city, things will start look up. And we mean WAY up, because let's get real, New York is where it's at.

Via BuzzFeed



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