04/09/2014 08:23 am ET Updated Apr 09, 2014

This Will Help You To Take A Moment To Sit In Stillness

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The stress and strain of constantly being connected can sometimes take your life -- and your well-being -- off course. GPS For The Soul can help you find your way back to balance.

GPS Guides are our way of showing you what has relieved others' stress in the hopes that you will be able to identify solutions that work for you. We all have de-stressing "secret weapons" that we pull out in times of tension or anxiety, whether they be photos that relax us or make us smile, songs that bring us back to our heart, quotes or poems that create a feeling of harmony, or meditative exercises that help us find a sense of silence and calm. We encourage you to look at the GPS Guide below, visit our other GPS Guides here, and share with us your own personal tips for finding peace, balance and tranquility.

In our busy culture, we rarely feel like we have a chance to make time for ourselves, let alone time to sit in complete stillness. But making it a point to pause can offer a lot of benefits: Reflecting in total silence can boost your focus, make you a better listener and even make you more thoughtful. Take a look at the slideshow below, aimed to inspire a few moments of stillness and reflection. Allow yourself the chance to get lost in a silent reverie. Then, share with us in the comments: Where do you like to grab a few moments of peace during your day?

Reflect In Stillness

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--Posted by Lindsay Holmes