04/10/2014 12:12 pm ET Updated Apr 10, 2014

Somehow No One Was Seriously Injured In This Wreck With A Cement Truck

Thanks to the prevalence of dash cams in Russia, the Internet is no stranger to bizarre, humorous and downright frightening traffic videos.

On Tuesday afternoon, though, a dash cam captured a very scary moment stateside. A Texas A&M University professor's camera captured this terrifying video of a cement truck running a red light, swerving, then flipping to its side and crashing head-on into his Toyota Sienna minivan.

The video comes to a jarringly abrupt end as the cement truck makes contact with the hood of the minivan.

Fortunately, reports note, neither the professor, Dr. Guan Zhu, nor the driver of the cement truck suffered any major injuries.

College Station Police Department spokesman Lt. Chuck Fleeger told the Houston Chronicle he's never seen a dash camera so clearly help with an accident investigation.

"It shows pretty conclusive evidence of what happened," Fleeger told the Chronicle. "By looking at the video of the accident it seems a lot worse than it ended up."

Watch more video from the accident scene, below: