04/10/2014 10:44 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Mushroom Hunter May Have Found Skull Of Missing Oklahoma Man: Police

A mushroom hunter in Oklahoma may have given police a break in the case of a missing person.

Police came up empty-handed when they searched a stretch of highway east of Chandler after Danny McGee went missing following a car crash in 2010. But on Monday night, a man hunting for mushrooms in a field near Highway 66 made a grim discovery -- a human skull hidden among the brown brush.

“We’ve actually even searched this area before,” Lincoln County Sheriff Charlie Dougherty told KOCO. “We're just on our hands and knees scouring the ground, pulling dead grass back, looking for bones or anything."

Police think that the skull belongs to McGee, whose crashed truck was found about half a mile from where the remains were found. Investigators think the man may have been hiding from law enforcement and succumbed to temperature.

Additional bones from the same skeleton were found Tuesday, News OK reports. Positive identification from a medical examiner is pending, while cops continue their search for evidence.

"We gathered up today about 21 pieces of evidence. Most of those are human bones," Dougherty told Fox News Oklahoma City.

During the initial search, McGee's friends told reporters that he'd been acting erratically of late.

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