04/10/2014 07:49 am ET

Jon Stewart Demolishes Sean Hannity's Insane Spring Break Coverage

Sean Hannity has recently spent quite a bit of television time exposing the fact that college kids go kind of crazy at Spring Break. On Wednesday night, Jon Stewart spent a bit of his own show exposing the fact that Sean Hannity didn't exactly uncover anything new.

"Some skeptical viewers might think this is less of a news story and more of a reason to spend a week running wildly inappropriate T&A footage alongside pundits tsking said footage, but you'd only be 99.9 percent right," he said.

Oh, and also there was the fact that all the male guests were super-sexist and that everyone Hannity interviewed, and Hannity himself, had fond memories of spring break, and that he then demonstrated how the kids SHOULD be using their beer funnels and playing their beer pong, AND that then Bob Beckel talked about how the innocent youngsters were probably buying bad cocaine on the beach.

"Honestly, the weirdest f---ing week of TV I've ever seen," Stewart concluded.