04/10/2014 11:44 am ET Updated Apr 10, 2014

Julia Louis-Dreyfus Tells Sexism 'Get Out Of My Way'

Dan Steinberg/Invision/AP

Julia Louis-Dreyfus won the Internet this week with her nearly naked Rolling Stone cover. While many were caught up with certain factual errors on the cover, we were more interested in what she had to say about sexism.

Although sexism is alive and well in Hollywood, the "Veep" star told Rolling Stone she hasn't let it hinder her wildly successful career:

There is sexism -- I'm not denying its existence. But I'm saying that I will deny its effort against me. I just pay it no nevermind and say, 'Get out of my way.'

And for all we can see, it has. Dreyfus' eight-year turn as Elaine in the hit series "Seinfeld" produced one of the most dynamic female characters of the '90s. We also sense she borrows from her own perspective for Vice President Selena Meyer's take-no-shit approach to sexism on "Veep."

While industry sexism is enraging, sometimes we just have to roll our eyes and barrel through. If this approach got Julia Louis-Dreyfus a fictional heartbeat away from the fictional presidency, we're happy to take note.

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