04/11/2014 04:13 pm ET Updated Apr 12, 2014

Arianna Gives Millennials Third Metric Tips And Meditation Lessons

Changing your lifestyle completely can be a daunting task, but Arianna Huffington has some tips to help you achieve complete well-being.

The Editor-in-Chief and President of HuffPost stopped by Fusion Live this week to talk with host Mariana Atencio about her new book, "Thrive," and her philosophy focused on redefining what it means to be successful in today's world.

"I realized that we have defined success just in terms of these two metrics, of money and power," Huffington said. "Whether we're at the top of the world or struggling to put food on the table we need to expand the definition to include our own well-being, our capacity to connect with ourselves, to give back to others and to bring joy into our lives."

Miami was just one of the stops on Arianna's book tour. She's traveled the country, chatting with Jon Stewart and speaking at Harvard about the importance of sleep and her own personal experience with exhaustion and burning out.

"Seven years ago I had my rude awakening. I was working round the clock building The Huffington Post, which was two years old at the time," the author told Atencio. "I collapsed from exhaustion, burnout and sleep deprivation, hit my head on the way down, broke my cheekbone and got four stitches on my right eye."

At that point Huffington admitted that something had to change. She realized how many people around her were burnt out as well. That's when the idea of using another metric -- a third metric -- to define success started to come to life.

"It's not a question of not being intense and not working hard," Huffington continued. "It's really a question of making sure we renew ourselves."

One way of renewing? Meditation and sleep, Huffington points out. "Take five minutes to meditate or pray or whatever quiet time is for you."

Atencio asks for some meditation lessons and Arianna -- practicing what she preaches -- complies.

Watch the whole interview with Arianna Huffington above.