04/11/2014 09:56 am ET

Ending Sexual Harassment Will Not Make It Harder To Get Laid, Promise

Image Source via Getty Images

Show me a woman complaining of unwanted sexual advances, and I’ll show you a reactionary calling her a prude who’s ruining feminism. This week it’s David Foster, in The Guardian. He argues that Everyday Sexism, a campaign to catalogue the routine harassments and biases facing women, has gone too far, “conflating deplorable and even criminal acts with sexually liberated expression.” How are we supposed to hook up without borderline harassing one another?

“The behavioural codes of contemporary society already make it extremely difficult for both men and women to approach strangers with a view towards making sexual advances. This should be a source of regret to us all,” he writes. (But especially to sexually liberated feminists, the thinking goes.)

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