04/11/2014 10:23 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Want Your Weather And Hair Forecast? There's An App For That

Humidity can really ruin a good hair day.

That's why a new website might be our frizzy mess' new savior. "How's Your Hair," created by a woman who gets us, a.k.a. designer and developer Gab White, is an app that makes it easier for you to style your hair in the morning.

Depending on where you live, the website will generate a "hair forecast" for you based on environmental factors. So say you're in New York City and there's a chance of rain, you can style your hair accordingly. Although you can get a good idea of the day by going to, "How's Your Hair" gives you witty commentary and the specific wind and humidity-to-hair ratio.

And if this wasn't already cool enough, you'll love the honesty and candor of the creator. On her personal site, White states:

"As someone who has spent years of her life oscillating between embracing my curly hair to the point of abandoning my hair dryer versus beating my curly hair into submission with a high-power hair dryer and industrial strength flat iron -– a lot of my good hair days depend on the weather conditions. Sometimes you can peer out your window on a sunny June morning and expect nothing but the best of hair days, only to step outside and realize that the humidity is at 95 percent and all that work gone into heat styling your hair was wasted. You can literally watch your straightened locks shrivel up into frizzy corkscrews before your eyes, and if you didn’t bring an emergency hair elastic, well then, you’re shit out of luck."

See! We told you she gets us.

Want to see what's up with your head today? Check out some forecasts below.

Chicago, Illinois

chitown hows your hair

Houston, Texas

houston hows your hair

Los Angeles, California

la hows your hair

London, England

london hows your hair

Miami, Florida

miami hows your hair

New York, New York

nyc hows your hair

Paris, France

paris hows your hair

Sydney, Australia

sydney hows your hair

Tokyo, Japan

tokyo hows your hair

Tough break Miami and Sydney...



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